Gift ideas for a Girl's Sweet 16th Birthday

The Sweet 16th Birthday of a young lady marks a major transition in her life, as she matures from a girl into a young woman. This is the start of a grand adventure for a girl, as she starts to learn to drive, gain independance and explorer a world unknown to her in childhood. A 16th Birthday is a celebration of life and innocence, with an emphasis on family, culture and tradition. Remember a girl has her 18th and 21st birthdays still to come, so give her gifts that reflect her age. Here are some gift ideas for a girl's 16th birthday.


Gift Suggestions

Ask her to make her wish list at Today I Wish Let her help you find the things she needs by getting her to make her wish list at Today I Wish. Make sure she starts well ahead of time, as it is sometimes difficult if the wish list is made in the last week. She will be planning her sweet 16th for some time, so it is never too early to ask.

Get creative: Gifts don't always have to cost you money. If you are around 15, 16 or 17 yourself, you may not have a lot of money to spend on your friends. It becomes even harder when many of your friends have birthdays around the same time. Keep in mind that a 16th birthday is a celebration of life, so maybe a photo montage made by you and your friends may be perfect for the occasion. A scrap book made into a "16 Years" book can be another great gift idea for her 16th birthday. Have a few pages dedicated to each friend, where you write her a letter retelling stories and reaffirming your friendship. This gift isn't restricted to friends. If the girl is your sister, why not do one with the whole family.

If the birthday girl is going to have a candle-lighting ceremony, it may be appropriate to personalize one or many of the candles. Keep in mind that you may need to discuss this with her or her family first, depending on your culture.

Jewellery for the occasion: At this age, girls start to experiment with more refined styles of jewellery. Try pearls, jade or diamonds, though the traditional gold and silver would never go to waste. A nice jewellery box, watch, bangle, bracelet, necklace or set of earings may please the birthday girl.

Girls love accessories: A new purse or wallet, handbag, beach bag or packpack. Something for her hair, clip, brush, makeup and makeup bag, overnight bag, spots bag.

Keep her looking beautiful: Brands will start to become important at this age. She may have a reaction to some brands, so this is very personal. Why not try a brand of beauty product she hasn't used before? Gifts include: Perfume, moisturising lotion, toner, face mask, lipstick, mascara / eyeliner, nail polish, acrylic nails, a voucher to her favourite Hairstylist, massage oil.

Let her express her style with new clothes: She may be starting a her first job at this age, so black pants and shoes will be handy here. Other clothing gifts for a sweet 16th birthday girl may include: sweater, jacket, Tshirt, skirt, dress, sarong, long pants, capri pants, cargo pants, stretchy gym gear, polo knit, business shirt, casual shirt, shoes, sandles, clogs, flip flops, boots, sports trainers.

All girls love the beach: Ensure that she can look and feel good at the beach while enjoying her new independence. Keep her safe at the beach by throwing in a bottle of sunscreen with the present. She might giggle when she opens your gift, but it won't go to waste and it will provide much needed protection at this age. Beach gifts include: swimsuit, towel, beach bag, sunglasses, spray on tan, boardshorts, sarong, surfboard or wetsuit.

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