Gift Ideas For Boy's 21st Birthday

For a young man, his 21st birthday marks the time when he reflects on his youth and experiences, and prepares himself for being an adult. He needs items to help him survive in the working world.



Gift Suggestions for 21st Birthday

Persuade him to register on Todayiwish,com. If it is going to be a Big Occasion make sure he fills in as many "favourites" lists as he can.

Accessories are very popular: Watch, Cufflinks are back now that many shirts have French Cuffs, Wallet, Business Card Holder, Belt, Bling for boys (thick gold chain, silver surf chain, stud, ring).

Adventure/sporting equipment:
  • Gym/running/cycling: sports bag. Water bottle, ipod, sports towel, shower gel/deodorant, bike (helmet, bike computer, puncture proof tires).
  • Water sports:swimming, sailing, surfing, water polo, rowing and surf life saving require basic necessities such as swimsuit, goggles, wetsuit, sailing jacket, zinc cream/sunscreen, towel. Then there are the bigger things such as surfboard, skiff, canoe.
  • Golf: clubs, bag, buggy, tees, balls, cap, shoes, Club Membership.
  • Ball sports: Soccer, rugby, baseball, basketball, volleyball and tennis all need comfortable clothing for training sessions, sports bag and accessories and sports shoes. Balls, bats, racquets might also be useful.
  • Fishing: rod, bucket, filleting knife, set of sinkers, lures, can of worms, waders, hat, Calender of tides/moon cycle.
  • Hiking/camping: Backpack, hiking boots/socks, thermal underwear, wet weather poncho, maps, GPS, compass, Hiking whistle.
  • Thrill seekers: Skydiving, hot air ballooning: joy flight in a small plane. If they have the nerve but not the money think of giving them a voucher, and maybe one for yourself!
  • Snow sports: Skis, poles, skates, helmet, snowboard, GPS
  • Outer wear: Tshirt, jeans, shirt, tie, pants, shoes, sports jacket, dinner suit, business suit.
  • Underwear: boxer shorts, briefs, singlet, socks.
Tools of Trade: if he is a student textbooks are really useful (if it's on his wishlist he really wants it). Office workers may need a laptop, blackberry, palm pilot, diary/organiser, a computer bag/backpack, calculator, business card holder. Tradesmen rely on their tools and can't always afford the best when they are starting out (that's what wish lists are for!). Tradesmen require good quality tools. Get them to list brand, make and exact size.

Entertainment: TV, CD/DVD player, DVD, CD, iPod or MP3 player, laptop, books, tickets to sporting events, Rock or other concert tickets.

Wheels: Car, car accessories (seat covers, Navman, mobile phone speakers), Bike, Vespa.

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