Gift Ideas For Boys aged 18 to 21

Young men at this age have many pathways before them. Some have already chosen a career and are studying or working toward their goal. Others are biding their time, perhaps spending time in a low skilled job waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Still others travel, exploring the world and its people and putting off their career decisions. Some will be in a committed relationship, married even. Others will be still considering their moves in the game of life. Whatever the road they are travelling, they are loved and supported by their friends and family.


Gift Suggestions for an 18, 19, 20, 21 year old

Ask him to make a Wish List at It's always an interesting exercise to stop and consider what we really want. It does not have to be money or material possessions. Perhaps he can fill in half a dozen "what money can't buy" wishes.

Clothes: Tshirt, shorts, jeans, boxer shorts, sneakers, jacket (denim, padded, wool, leather).

Machines: TV, Computer, Laptop, DVD player, Mobile phone, Memory Stick.

Travel: Backpack, Return ticket, Global Positioning System, Navman, Sleeping Bag, Sunglasses, Travel Guide, Maps, Vaccinations.

Entertainment and Music: CD, DVD, iPod or MP3 player and running accessories, guitar, drums, keyboard, Computer Games, Rock/Classical concert tickets, Books, Board Games, Texas Hold'em Poker set.

Entertaining: Party, pop corn maker, donut maker, Beer and Beer glasses (only if the legal age makes it appropriate), Juke Box, karoke.

Beach: Boardshorts, swimsuit, sunglasses, zinc cream, towel, surfboard, wristband, surfchain, Tshirt, Beach shirt, Beach sandles/clogs/flip flops, jetski, inflatable with outboard, surf ski, kayak.

Snow: Beanie, Gloves, Snow jacket/pants, skiis, snow shoes, Ski boots, Balaclava, Sunglasses, Global Positioning Beacon, ski poles.

Personal Items: Shaver, after shave lotion, shaving soap and brush, shaving mirror, nail clippers. cologne, soap, deodorant, comb, brush, hair gel.

Wheels: Bike, Car, scooter.

Looking Good: Shirt, tie, cufflinks, dress shirt/dinner suit/bow tie, Business suit, Fine cotton or wool sweater, polo shirts, boat shoes, long shorts, Laptop bag, Business Backpack, Briefcase.

Adventure/sporting equipment: Kayak, canoe, bicycle (mountain/racing/hybrid), helmet, goggles, fishing equipment (rod, bucket, scaling knife, set of sinkers, lures, can of worms, waders), golf (clubs, bag, buggy, tees, balls, cap , shoes, Club Membership), trekking (tent, backpack, Global positioning system, hiking boots, socks, compass, maps, thermal underwear), Sailing (jacket, skiff, lessons).

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