Gift Ideas For Girls aged 12 to 18

This is a roller coaster ride. All that physical and emotional energy and not sure what to do with it. Girls enjoy being with a group of friends, experimenting with new looks and manners and feeling secure in their family relationships. Here are some gift ideas and suggestions for teenage girls aged between 12 and 18.



Teenage girls like...

To try new looks: Birthdays are the perfect time to indulge her current fashion inspiration. Check out her wishlist on to find out her latest idea.
  • Accessories: Wristband, watch, jewellery, hair band, hair slides and combs, belt, purse, handbag, backpack, sportsbag.
  • Outer fashions: Jeans, long pants, dress, skirt, shirt, Tshirt, stretchy sports gear, coat, jacket, shoes, boots, trainers, flip flops, sandals.
  • Under fashion: Bra (check the size, they grow so fast!), panties, singlet, nightdress, pyjarmas, bath robe, slippers.
To decorate: Girls love to decorate just about any space they inhabit. For the bedroom they may want a lamp, cushions, doona cover, curtains, Set of shelves, vase of flowers, corkboard for wall, poster, picture or rug. For their artwork they may want stickers, tin of art pencils, paints, canvas, sketch book.

To compute: Computer/laptop, headphones, joystick, memory stick.

To talk: Mobile phone, accessories for mobile

To exercise:
  • Wheels: Bicycle, helmet, razor scooter, skateboard, wrist guard.
  • Gym: Membership (maybe take a trial offer to see if she likes it), stretchy pants/vest/crop top, sweat band for head and wrists, leggings, trainers.
  • Organized sport: Basketball, netball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, hockey, athletics usually involve buying a uniform and registration. Then there is the sports bag, water bottle, supply of shower gel and deodorant, training gear, tracksuit.
  • Pony Club: Membership, classes. Jacket, jodpurs, riding boots, saddle, pony.
  • Beach: Swimsuit, board shorts, sarong, wetsuit, towel, beach bag, sun hat, sunglasses, spray on sunscreen, surfrider, boogie board, surfboard, volleyball, Frisbee.
  • Snow: Snow suit, snow shoes, gloves, mittens, scarf, woollen cap, hooded parka, toboggan, ski boots, skis and poles, skates, GPS, mobile phone.
To party: CD player, CD, Friends to stay over (sleeping bag, trundle bed), popcorn maker, DVD, Dinner at a Restaurant, Taking friends to the Movies.

To learn:
  • Dance class, Acting class
  • Language class
  • Drawing class, Painting class
  • Cooking class, Baking session at home with family
  • Coaching in school subjects
  • Reference books/ stationery for school and college

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