Girl's 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

For much of the world the age of 18 becomes a right of passage from school to the working world. At 18, a young woman is considering a new direction at work or in study, or even a new relationship. She takes confidence and strength from the support of her family and friends as she makes her choices. We mark this transition with special and unique gifts for this young woman.

Her 18th birthday is special and it is important that we find gifts that reflect not just who she is, but who she hopes to be as she grows into a confident young woman. Here are gift ideas for a girls 18th birthday.
For Boys 18th birthdays, see boys 18th birthday gift ideas.


18th Birthday Presents

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Image is important to many an 18 year old. They are sending a message to the world to say who they really are. The following gift ideas for an 18 year old girl relect this.

Makeup and beauty products are very popular. Naturally your 18 year old will want to experiment with colours and techniques. The beauty products section of your local quality department store is a good spot to ask for advice about the latest fashion trends. You might have good ideas yourself and may know of a good moisturiser or cleanser that would make an excellent gift. Also consider perfume, mascara/eyeliner/kohl, eye shadow case with multiple colours, lipstick, nail lacquer, foundation, concealer, face mask, bath/shower gel and loofah, or acrylic nails. A hair dryer, hair straightener or curler, makeup mirror, makeup brushes or hair brush is always useful. A voucher to her chosen hairdresser, day spa or beauty therapist would also make a great gift.

Clothes that fit both her figure and her lifestyle make great presents. So look for denim jeans, jackets, skirts in blue or black (sizing is impossible so do give her the receipt so she can swap). A sweater, polo knit, footless tights, t shirt, stretchy sports pants or top, padded jacket, vest or skirt can be good for casual wear. A tailored shirt, fitted skirt and or jacket, cardigan or coat would look good in an office. Evening wear can be colourful and fun but check her wish list first for colours and favourite activities.

Accessories will compliment her image. She may dream of looking like a rock star and love that black studded belt you gave her. And then she may be equally impressed with a fashionable tote bag to take to her day job. Other "must have" accessories include sunglasses (very popular), handbag, backpack, cosmetic purse with mirror, hair comb or slide, watch, belt, scarf, woollen hat, gloves. Your 18 year old will also need a selection of jewellery, both quality and fun. Hoop or dangly earrings, a stud, friendship ring, gold chain, anklet or bracelet could be perfect. Shoes make excellent presents but she needs to try them on first, so it will not be a surprise present, although it does make for a good day out shopping. Socks don't have to be boring.

Underwear can be a fashion statement. You can buy different coloured bra straps for her to wear under singlet tops in summer. Camisoles are designed to be seen under a shirt or jacket. Stockings come in a good variety of shades and patterns. Even items that are never seen, like bras and panties, can make your 18 year old feel confidently beautiful. A stylish nightdress, silky bathrobe, cuddly flannelette PJs are all just right for your 18 year old.

Your 18 year old may also want her room to reflect her personality. It might be time for a new duvet cover, posters, new paint on the walls, a set of bookshelves, new curtains. Scope for innovative gift giving and sharing ideas. Don't forget things like stationery, a book or a magazine subscription, photo frame, large floor cushion, even a bean bag which might make her room more her own.

Lifestyle is a big consideration for a young woman of 18. She is learning to balance work, rest and play times. This balance is something we all struggle to achieve. So let's help out with our gift giving. Below are a few suggestions and ideas on how you can help her with her new lifestyle.

Communication is top priority at age 18 as we make a network of friends and work relationships. A mobile phone is a vital part of this. It's an expensive investment so some thought about necessary features and finances is time well spent. A blackberry, computer, laptop or notebook are also good communication tools. Computer accessories like blank DVDs, memory stick, and mouse pad make inexpensive gifts. Interactive computer games and consoles such as a Playstation or Wii are fun ways to communicate.

Music and entertainment are an important part of play time for an 18 year old. So think of CDs/DVDs, a CD player, Ipod or MP3 player, TV, good quality headphones. Concert tickets could be good. It could be the right time to start music lessons for keyboard or guitar.

Sporting activities are a big part of an active lifestyle. Gym membership, sports equipment, sports clothes, sports bag, bicycle and accessories, running shoes, instructional DVDs, team jersey, beach bag/towel/swimsuit. The list of sports and sporting gifts is endless.

Travel is high on most 18 year old "to do" lists. Accessories such as a cabin bag, travel guide, first aid kit, backpack, bed roll, camping gear and sturdy hiking boots will help her on her way. Perhaps there is little scope for distant travel in her life. So you might give her a taste of adventure close to home with a voucher for a hot air balloon ride, indoor rock climbing or white water rafting.

Work time may involve study, a full time career path, or a casual occupation. All these types of work involve equipment and clothing that would make excellent presents. A student may well need a laptop computer, computer bag, pens, stationery, textbooks, help with fees or coaching. An apprentice may need tools or a tool bag. An office worker may need a calculator, stylish business clothes or accessories.

An 18th Birthday is a great occasion to celebrate with a party. This is itself a substantial gift. Encourage your beautiful young 18 year old to think about her needs and aspirations now and over the next year. If she makes a wish list, or just lists her favourite authors, musical artists and activities, she will receive gifts that show an appreciation of who she is.

Quick Gift Suggestions List

Ask her to register on She may have new favourite items and colours.

Accessories: Sunglasses, handbag, backpack, beach bag, computer bag, cosmetic purse/mirror, hair combs/slides, watch, belt, earings, bracelet, necklace, thick or thin gold chain, pendant, anklet, stud, friendship ring.

Beauty products: Perfume, moisturising lotion, mascara/kohl pencil/eyeliner, lipstick, nail varnish, foundation, concealer, cleanser, face mask, bath/shower gel, (Hint: ask her to check out her local make up store and list her favourite products including Brand and colour number).

  • Outer wear: Polo knit, Tshirt, sweater, vest, jacket, skirt, dress, jeans, long pants, shorts, stretchy sports gear, shoes, sandals, clogs, flip flops, boots, sports shoes.

  • Lingerie: Bra, panties, camisole, night shirt/nightdress, pygarmas, slippers, tights, leggings, stay up stockings, socks.

Communication equipment: Mobile phone, accessories for mobile phone, computer, laptop, Memory stick, phone card.

Travel equipment: Cabin sized bag on wheels, Large backpack, luggage, GPS, Navman, Ticket home or away, Travel guide for her favourite destination.

Reading and Writing: Magazine subscription, Books for entertainment or inspiration, Text book/Reference book for the struggling student, laptop, palm pilot, pen, journal.

  • Favourite Team jersey, sports bag, water bottle, sports towel, shower gel/deodorant for sports bag, sports shoes.

  • Ball games: Basketball, netball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, baseball, softball, golf all need a uniform, or comfortable clothing. Extras such as balls, racquets, bats and protective equipment make excellent gifts.

  • Water sports: Swimming, water polo, sailing, surf life sailing, rowing, kayaking require swimsuits, towels, zinc cream/sunscreen.

Entertainment: CD, DVD, TV, Laptop, ipod, playstation, computer games, Books, Party!

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