Gift Ideas For Men aged 40 to 60

This is a time when many men reappraise the direction their life has taken. They may discover that they were too busy working to keep up with sports and friends. Their children may be moving away. Or, for many men, they have just fathered a child for the first time. So they look to the future, planning to consolidate their achievements against the day they retire from work. We are there to help them invest in good health and happiness.


Gift Suggestions for men over 40 and 50

For relaxation:
  • Running/cycling: Trainers, shorts and vest, running socks, sweat band, Bicycle (mountain, racing, hybrid), Bicycle accessories (halogen lamp, bike computer, thorn proof tubes and tyres), water bottle, ipod and accessories.
  • Board games: Monopoly, Pictionary, Trivial pursuit, Scrabble, Chess.
  • Sports: Golf ( clubs, bag, buggy, tees, balls, shoes, Club Membership), Squash (racquet, balls, goggles, bag), Tennis (racquet, balls, bag, sweat band, wrist band), kayaking (zinc cream, hat, flotation vest, kayak), Lawn Bowls (bowling balls, bag), Boule, Darts, Swimming Club, Fishing (rod, basket, scaling knife, fish scales, bait, lures, waders, hat), Scuba diving .
  • Holiday: Even if it's just for a few days (golf, tropical, camping, scuba diving, gourmet).
  • Card games: Bridge, Poker.
  • Computing: Computer, head phones, memory stick.
  • Watching Sport: Tickets to sporting events, Video/DVD of important games.
  • Watching Movies: Night out at the movies, DVD, Boxed set of favourite TV program.
  • Creative leisure: Sketching (paper, charcoals, pencils, kneadable eraser), painting (pastels, pencils, acrylic paints, watercolours, oils), easel, paint box (medium sized plastic tool box with compartments ideal), pottery (classes, clay, apron), silver smithing (classes).
For entertaining:
  • BBQ: Gas or coals BBQ, Apron, mitts, tools, Recipe book, favourite beer, some good red/white wine, steak knives, condiments like dried herbs and special sauces, metal platters, esky.
  • Eating out: Dinner at a favourite restaurant, Sunday lunch in the countryside, Picnic in the countryside, casual dinner with grown children.
  • Eating in: Friends and family over to dinner, Beer glasses, Wine glasses, Wine, Scotch, Tumblers, Favourite foods.
For Travel: Cabin case on wheels, suitcase, briefcase, passport wallet. Navman, Campervan, knack sack, travel guidebook, language classes.

For making and fixing: Hammer, screwdriver set, drill set, drill bit set, tool box, wrench, wire cutters, tool belt, workbench, saw, gig saw, shed, cabin for backyard.

For gardening: Wheelbarrow, lawn mower, edger, blower vac, secateurs, long handled secateurs, hedge trimmer, safety glasses, shovel, fork, matic, Compost bin, load of fertiliser.

For maintaining the style:
  • At work: Business suit, Casual jacket over T-shirt, tie, shirt, cuff links, watch, black patent shoes, socks, laptop, blackberry, palm pilot, computer bag, belt. All these gifts are great for the office. For more hands on work he will want denim jeans, boots, sweater, t-shirt, overalls, jacket.
  • At home: Polo shirt, T-shirt, jeans, shorts, trousers, trainers, sandals, crocs, jacket.
  • Underneath it all: Boxer shorts, briefs, singlet, gold/silver chain.
For swimming and surfing: Towel, swimsuit, surfboard, surf ski, spray on sunscreen, sunglasses.

For snow sports: Overland skis/poles, skates, scarf, woollen cap, gloves, snow parka, waterproof pants, snow boots, ski boots, thick socks, thermal underwear.

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