Gift Ideas For Women aged 40 to 60

This is rewarding but challenging time for a woman. The life changes possible at this age encompass everything from having a first baby to going through menopause and beyond. While her mind and body adjust to these changes in her 40s and 50s she copes with work and family commitments. We want her to feel loved, appreciated and admired.



Gift suggestions for the over 40 and over 50

For her innate sense of style: Makeup (lipstick, bronzer, blusher, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, nail lacquer), cleansers and moisturisers. Perfume, manicure, pedicure.
  • Outer wear: Polo shirt, skirt, jeans, dress, long pants, Capri pants, jacket, overcoat, parka, fleecy sweater, woollen sweater, shoes, boots, sandals, Crocs, flip flops , business suit, dress for evening wear.
  • Lingerie: bra/briefs, nightie, pyjamas, bath robe, dressing gown, camisole, leggings, tights, stay up stockings, socks, thermal vest.
  • Accessories: Jewellery for special and casual occasions (check the wish list!), watch, hat, beret, hair band/clip/combs, scarf, pash mina, belt.
For health and fitness: Gym (stretchy shorts/crop top, gym membership), Yoga (classes, mat), Tai Chi (comfortable stretchy pants, t-shirt), bushwalking (hat, sunglasses, boots, socks. Shorts/shirt), swimming (season pass to pool),orthotics, trainers.
  • Team sports: all require comfortable training clothes and supportive footwear.
  • Time out: Holiday, weekend away at a Health Retreat, massage, aromatherapy oils, Day Spa.
  • Socializing: Bridge (cards, score sheet), Tennis (racquet, balls, wrist band, sweatband, and bag) Golf (clubs. Buggy, bag, balls, coaching).
  • Relaxing: CD, DVD, book, eating out, cinema tickets, concert tickets.
  • Beach: (towel, swimsuit, bag, wetsuit, snorkel set, flippers, scuba gear).
For communication: Mobile phone, Computer/laptop, blackberry, palm pilot, extra handset for landline phone, internet phone, stationery, cards.

For revamping the home: China. Cutlery, glassware, saucepans/frypan, vase, cushions, blanket (wool, cotton), throw for sofa, clock, artwork, rug, Sound System, Plasma TV.

For entertaining: Wine (red, white, sparkling), Case of favourite mineral water, platter, sushi plate, chopsticks, cake plate, cake server, tea set, coffee pot, coffee cups, teaspoons, coffee spoons, coasters, placemats, tablecloth, outdoor table setting, BBQ, Portable BBQ, BBQ tools.

For personal development:
  • Classes: (language, art, dance, cooking, decorating, crafts)
  • Books
  • Learning to play a musical instrument (piano, violin, guitar, flute).
  • Creative leisure: drawing/painting (acrylic paints, watercolours, oils, glass painting, canvas, special papers, pastels), pottery.
For her garden of Eden: Wheel barrow/Yard cart, secateurs, spade, fork, load of fertilizer, load of mulch, compost bin, hand tools (hand fork, digger, weeder), gloves, pad for kneeling on), plants (check wist list).

For when she's feeling crafty:
  • Painting and Calligraphy: acrylic, oil or watercolour paints (check wist list for colour numbers and brand, artist quality or student quality), Brushes, Pencils, Pastels, inks, calligraphy pens and brushes, watercolour paper, canvas, linen, box for paints, easel, Satchel for carrying sketches. The cost of paints and brushes may seem steep, however most artists can't get enough materials to keep up with their creative impulses, so art materials make great gifts.
  • Cross stitch, embroidery, patchwork: Cottons, wools, cloth as per her wish list. Embroidery scissors. Frame. Patterns should only be given if asked for specifically. If she wants ideas and has not made a wish list try giving her subscription to a magazine that caters for her craft.
  • Pottery: A sturdy apron, hand cream, clay, pigments.
  • Scrapbook: Scrapbook, decorative paper, stickers, glue, sharp scissors, thick board for cutting out shapes, guillotine, and copies of old photos that she may find useful.
  • Knitting, crochet and lace making: Wools, cottons, silks, needles, hooks, soft bag with compartments for keeping it all together.
  • Weaving and rag rug making: wools, cottons, frame.

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