Gift Ideas For Women aged over 60 and 70

Believe this: no female aged over 60 and 70 wants to receive a tin of biscuits. Her body may be surrendering to gravity and age, but her spirit still soars. That old idea that you can't learn anything new after the age of 40 has long been debunked. If she has a computer and someone has the patience to give her a few tutorials even the most unsophisticated woman will be able to talk to her family using Skype, send emails, and make a wish list at She still dreams.

'Things that money can't buy' are becoming more significant. Activities change. Keeping up with the latest fashion loses its importance. As women retire from paid employment they seek stimulation in socialising with family and friends, in new hobbies, in travel and in health giving exercise routines. They have the time to enjoy a variety of entertainments.

Gift Suggestions for a Woman Aged 60 to 70

Socialising: Meeting with friends for a celebratory morning tea, drinks at their Club, dinner with the family, pizza with grandchildren in the park, picnic at the beach, lunch in the countryside: all wonderful gift ideas.
  • Card Games:
  • Sport: Tennis, croquet, bowls, golf are good social contact sports. They require balls, a bag for carrying equipment, hat, comfortable shoes and different sorts of socks. Not to mention golf clubs, a caddy, tennis racquet and score cards.
  • Keeping in touch: Mobile phone, computer, stationery, photo frame /photograph, corkboard and pins for family photos and cards.
Exercise routine:
  • Walking: Comfortable shorts, jeans or capri length pants, fleecy top, sporty T-shirt, trainers and thick socks. Keeping toenails trimmed is important so a pedicure would be nice.
  • Gym (stretchy shorts/singlet/T-shirt, gym membership), Yoga (classes, mat), Tai Chi (comfortable stretchy pants, t-shirt), swimming (season pass to pool).
  • Beach: If she lives close to the sea she may enjoy doing her walking/stretches on the sand. Help her do it in style with sunglasses (? prescription), sunhat, sarong, swimsuit, spray tan, spray sunscreen, crocs or flip flops. If the beach has shingles she will need sturdy footwear.
  • Painting and Calligraphy: Acrylic, oil or watercolour paints (check wist list for colour numbers and brand, artist quality or student quality), Brushes, Pencils, Pastels, inks, calligraphy pens and brushes, watercolour paper, canvas, linen, box for paints, easel, Satchel for carrying sketches. The cost of paints and brushes may seem steep, however most artists can't get enough materials to keep up with their creative impulses, so art materials make great gifts.
  • Cross stitch, embroidery, patchwork: Cottons, wools, cloth as per her wish list. Embroidery scissors. Frame. Patterns should only be given if asked for specifically. If she wants ideas and has not made a wish list try giving her subscription to a magazine that caters for her craft.
  • Pottery: A sturdy apron, hand cream, clay, pigments.
  • Scrapbook: Scrapbook, decorative paper, stickers, glue, sharp scissors, thick board for cutting out shapes, guillotine, and copies of old photos that she may find useful.
  • Knitting, crochet and lace making: Wools, cottons, silks, needles, hooks, soft bag with compartments for keeping it all together.
  • Weaving and rag rug making: Wools, cottons, frame.
Health and Beauty:
  • Moisturisers become more important: Skin loses its natural oils. A great idea is to go on an outing to her local cosmetic shop and ask the consultant there advise her on the sort of makeup that would best suit her. She can then put it on her wish list! Perfume, lipstick, nail lacquer are very popular.
  • Hair becomes fragile: A good hair cut, professional colouring and even a new style, are all excellent presents. A scarf, knitted cap or new hat also frames the face nicely.
  • Accessories: Jewellery (earrings, ring, necklace, bracelet, bangle, broach, scarf ring, watch), purse, wallet, handbag, belt, scarf, pash mina.
  • Protective clothing: Thermal underwear, a thick woollen coat or jacket, warm boots, ugg boots, raincoat will keep the chill out.
  • Appliances: Curling wand, hair straightener, heated curlers, hair dryer, and electric blanket.
Looking good: Stylish casual sweater, T-shirt, jeans, track pants, skirt, Twin set, jacket, coat, nightdress, bath robe, slippers, crocs, and boots.

Travel: Cabin bag on wheels, suitcase, tickets, holiday, camera.

  • TV: New TV, DVD player, boxed set of favourite movies or television series.
  • Music: CD, CD Player, Sound System, MP3 player, iPod, Tickets to concert, opera ( day time performances are popular), Sheet music if she plays piano, organ, violin, guitar.
  • Drama: Tickets to a play. Watching a TV show being made. Fiction novel.
  • Computer: Becoming very popular in this age group. Not just a way to keep in touch but a source of entertainment (DVD, health information, research). Swivel adjustable office chair, computer desk, mouse pad, laptop, head phones, stereo speakers.
  • Study: This may no longer be a way to a better job but it's a great fun and a way to keep the brain in good shape. Text books, Course fees.
For entertaining: This may change with time: few 70 year olds would confidently cater a party on their own. Bringing over a casserole or volunteering to do the dessert will help when they ask you over to dinner. Wine (red, white, sparkling), Case of favourite mineral water, platter, cake plate, cake server, tea set, coffee pot, coffee cups, teaspoons, coffee spoons, coasters, placemats, tablecloth.

For gardening: Yard cart, secateurs, spade, fork, load of fertilizer, load of mulch, someone to mow, trim and weed, compost bin, hand tools (hand fork, digger, weeder), gloves, pad for kneeling on), plants (check wist list). Containers that 'self water' are useful. Decorative metal shelves to place pot plants at waist height are both practical and stylish. Hooks or a shelf to keep tools neatly off the floor are a good idea.

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